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Loyal dedication,An unyielding,Development and innovation,The pursuit of excellence
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Loyal dedication,An unyielding,Development and innovation,The pursuit of excellence

Huanggang jasmine realty service co., LTD

Huanggang jasmine realty service co., LTD., founded in2000Years,The registered capital300Ten thousand yuan,National second-class property qualifications。Company existing staff1400More than one,The holder of property management personnel53People,Professional mechanical equipment123Taiwan(Sets),All kinds of motor vehicles12Vehicles。Market business has covered in huanggang and around xiaogan、Xianning、Suizhou、Tianmen, anhui province, etc17Counties、The city(Area)。2013To2016Years,The company is hubei province local taxation bureau awarded the province for three consecutive yearsATaxpayers。Company headquarters is located in huanggang his huanzhou avenue100Number,Administrative office、Personnel department、…

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Your safety is our mission,Your satisfaction is our pursuit

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Top property four big advantage

The owner is god,Integrity is the foundation,Quality is fundamental,Development is the direction

High efficient management teamEfficient management team
The company has a group of professional technical personnel with high quality,Engineering and technical personnel can not only provide high quality cleaning service,At the same time can provide clean engineering of incurable diseases with solutions。
Quick and convenient/The supremacy of credibilityQuick and convenient / credit to
Company to perfect the management system,Modern equipment,Humanistic management,Strive for every customer to provide efficient、Quick service。
Strong/Professional servicesStrong / professional service
Company existing staff1400People,53People holding property management certificate,Professional mechanical equipment123Taiwan(Sets),All kinds of motor vehicles12Vehicles。
Price concessions/High-quality after-salesPrice concessions / quality after-sales service
Company with its integrated system、Professional technology、Excellent brands and affordable price to serve the masses of customers,And to provide quality after-sales service
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