Nantong ShengChang chemical technology co., LTD. Is located in jiangsu rugao fine chemical industry park,Cover an area of an area58m,The registered capital1000Million yuan,Have a professional technical personnel45People。The main production:Propionyl chloride、Benzyl chloride phosphate、Trimethyl phosphite、Diethyl phosphite、Phosphorus trichloride、Sulfuryl chloride、Isobutyl chloride, etc。The business:Liquid chlorine、Yellow phosphorus, etc,Annual sales2Hundred million yuan。Company scientific enterprise management system,In due course、The right marketing strategy。The company's performance increase year by year,The size of the growing year by year。With the arrival of knowledge economy,The informationization tide wreaths huge waves rolling in towards us。The rapid development of Internet and the global use of sharp increase of the population,We can no longer ignore its influence and huge potential business opportunities。My company's rational utilization of information resources,Complement each other,The development of enterprises。These days,My company at the beginning of the 21st century,With the arrival of the information-based wave.....

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Address:Rugao Yangtze river town(Rugao port)Hing Hong Kong west road32Number

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