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The source of production the masking tape according to different degree of heat resistance and viscosity in total30A variety of models;
At the same time also production and sales all kinds of fiber tape、Mara tape such as a variety of special adhesive tape;
All kinds of adhesive tape varieties complete,Resolve customer for the requirements of the product。
The factory equipment is complete,Can be accurate to tape width0.02mm;
According to customer needs to customize any width and length;
Customized service,Make the most suitable tape with your heart。
Source the tape throughSGSCertification,Quality assurance;
Sample can provide free samples,Let you buy felt relieved;
Factory direct sale,All sorts of product prices10%The advantage of。
7*24Customer service hours without clearance,Solve all your problems with your heart;
If any quality problem,Baotuibaohuan;
After return visit on a regular basis,We grow up together
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Dongguan city source electronic technology co., LTD

Dongguan city source electronic technology co., LTD was founded in 1996,Is a professional engaged in various kinds of adhesive tape、Paper tape、Production、Processing and sales of the company。The company has rewinding、Folio、The article points、Cutting、Winding、Die cutting and other advanced production equipment,Can meet the requirements of the customers。The company's main products:Crepe tape、High temperature textured adhesive tape、Hot melt adhesive tape、Meguiar's tape、Duct tape、Kraft paper tape、Double-sided tape、Mara tape、Fiber tape、Easy tear tape、Polyimide tape, etc... To check the details

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