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Humen, dongguan city, guang lam metal screw factory

  The company introduced Japan、Taiwan advanced technology and a complete set of production equipment。Specializing in the production of electronics、Toys、The computer、Electrical appliances、Lighting such as copper、Iron、Stainless steel screws and metal car parts。The company has a long history,Production experience,Strong technical force,Plant covers an area of more than three thousand square meters,With nearly two hundred sets of producing equipment,Cargo quickly,The price is reasonable。

  The company mainly produces all kinds of standard self-tapping screws and non-standard special fastener products,Specifications by the diameter1mm -6mmRange,In order to meet customer demand as the goal,Holding the enterprise spirit of the best,Strict quality management,Constantly improve the production technology,The expansion of production equipment,Have a high quality talent team……

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The price of the screws and use opportunely

Screw for daily life necessities indispensable industry:Such as the camera、Glasses、Clocks and watches、Electrons.....
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Technical support

Technical support

Scope of application field and plastic screw

1.Compared with ordinary metal screws,Plastic screw the biggest advantage is his insulation performance is good,Do not conduct electricity。
2.In addition because of non-metallic manufacturing,In the current or other signals under the influence of won't produce eddy current signal……
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Specializing in the production of stainless steel screws and metal car parts!It can customize according to customer special requirements!The quality is excellent,The price is materially beneficial!
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